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PostPosted: 2016/06/07 6:18    Post subject:

Sounds good to me :3 +1

PostPosted: 2016/06/07 6:09    Post subject: App: fe_Krusnik

The application submitted by fe_Krusnik is as follows:

I'm Jason, 29 year old male from South Africa

My character names include - Krusnik, Archonist, Talraen, Huskaran, Archonisan.

I'd like to be more involved with the harder (t2c) part of the game as I was previously before I stopped playing the last time.

I know none :S

I have done every single raid in the game up till 75 (Draigoth not ToO) successfully on t2.

I just want to be more active. I'm currently doing DoS t2c with a pug group and I would much rather its kinmates.

I've been in a few, Knights of the White tree, Element Zero and Edges of Insanity (all Snowbourne). I left due to the game dying down, so more me stopping playing than leaving the kin.

I'm an avid gamer and have played a few games semi-professionally. I live in South Africa and have done all my life.