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+1 from me.

PostPosted: 2016/07/03 13:40    Post subject: App: Unohdin

The application submitted by Unohdin is as follows:

I'm a 36 year old finnish man. I'm applying with my captain, Uninthir. My other characters in Guardians of Hope and Heroes of the North Kingdom are lvl105: Unienne burg, Unaflas RK, Unnorin guard, Unaethros LM. Other levels: Ungthalion champ, Underic mini, Unthrad warden, Unthildir hunter and Unvarr and Unviotta beornings. I've known about Exlies of Arnor since playing on Gilrain and I've played some instances with some of Arnor kinnies, Elfenlight, Minibane IIRC maybe others. I don't know personally anyone in kin. They've seemed like very good players and EoA seems to be a very active kin.
Activity is the main reason I've decided to take one of my toons to a new kin. Both of my kins have been quiet for nearly a year. I've played nonstop since january and I've been the only one online :D
I miss kin raids and stuff. Hopefully it is ok with you that I keep my other toons in their kins while making EoA another home for myself!