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PostPosted: 2016/10/31 7:19    Post subject:

Sounds good to me Happy Welcome Spam Happy

PostPosted: 2016/10/29 11:07    Post subject: App: Spamwyn

The application submitted by Spamwyn is as follows:

Heya, My name is Sam (Female, 34, south England) and my main character is a lvl 105 Elf minstrel called Spamwyn. I'm kinda old school when it comes to Lotro... Started off on Eldar just after the game launched in a little kin called Faith. Left Faith to join Risen because they were more active and had more members. Risen are still knocking around on Evernight but have very few players now I stopped playing Lotro for a while whilst on maternity leave 5 years ago. When I returned to work I met a fellow workmate who turned out to be Renath (Don't hold that against me!!) He invited me to join his kin on Gilrain and so I became an officer in The Legion of the Morningstar. Had a few years of fun there and we decided to move to Laurelin during the server merge. Worst move ever. Apparantly roleplayers don't like names that begin with the word 'Spam'. I decided to run away to Evernight where I have been for several months bumbling around on my own and pining for non-pug instances and raid groups I would love to join a kin who are active doing anything. Happy to heal in groups and instances, help level up lower level players, I'm a sucker for completing deeds and as a minstrel I'm good at posing as bait in the moors for creeps :D I have a rank 8 spider called Omm and lifetime Lotro account. Also Feld knows me. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Spam x.